Following the England Hockey School Competition Framework and in partnership with West Hockey, who offer Area Finals in wide range of school competitions for both boys and girls from U11 through to U18 some of which progress to National Finals.  DHA responsibility is to assist the schools in organising the County rounds to achieve finalists to progress into the Regional rounds.

England Hockey is responsible for organising the Under 18 (Tier 1, 2 & 3) and Under 16 (Tier 1 & 2) competitions. Entry details and further information can be found on the England Hockey Schools Championships page.  

Links to the proposed competition dates and the Schools Competitions Regulations (outdoor & indoor) can be found below:
School Competition West Competitions /2022/23West VenueEngland Hockey  Competitions 
Girls 14 T1 prelim South Tuesday 18th October Blundell’s NA
Girls 14 T1 prelim NorthThursday  3rd November Marlborough CollegeNA
Girl 18 T4Friday 7th October Clifton CollegeMonday 6 February 
Girl 16 T3Tuesday 15 NovemberClifton CollegeMonday 6 February 
Girl 14 T2Thursday 17  November Clifton CollegeMonday 6 February 
Girl 14 T1 Final Tuesday 22   November Clifton CollegeTuesday 28 February 
Girl IN2 – 13Wednesday 8 March Clifton College Friday 5 May 
Girls in2 – 12Monday 13  March Clifton College NA
Girls  and Boys in2 11Thursday 23 March Millfield NA
Girls indoor 16 Wednesday 30 November Taunton School Thursday 12 January 
Girls indoor 18 Wednesday 7 December Taunton School Friday 13 January 
Boy 18 T4Tuesday  7  February Millfield Monday 20 March 
Boy 16 T3Thursday 9 February Millfield Monday 20 March 
Boys 14 T prelim  North Wednesday 1st  February Marlborough CollegeNA
Boys 14 T prelim  South Tuesday 21 February Blundell’s NA
Boy 14 T2Wednesday 1 March Millfield Monday 20 March 
Boy 14 T1 Final Tuesday 28 Feb Millfield Tuesday 25 April 
Boy IN2 – 13Tuesday 7 March Millfield Friday 5 May 
Boys in2 – 12Tuesday 14 March Millfield NA
Boys and Girls in2 11Thursday 23 March Millfield NA
Boys indoor 16 Wednesday 9  November Wellington Thursday 12 January 
Boys indoor 18 Thursday 24 November Wellington Friday 13 January 
Club Competition    
Boys indoor  16 Sunday 4 December  – Wellington Saturday 14 January 
Boys indoor 18 Sunday  4 December Wellington Sunday 15 January 
Girls indoor 16Sunday 11 December Cheltenham Ladies College Saturday 14 January 
Girls indoor 18 Sunday 11  December Cheltenham Ladies College Sunday 15 January 
In2hockey 10Sunday 16 April Clifton College NA 
in2hockey 12Sunday 2  April Clifton College Saturday 6 May